Building in Sanctuary Belize FAQ

How much per square foot do the homes typically cost?

Prices vary per finish and sizes, starting at $125/square foot. We have designed and built cottages, jungle cabana’s, ultra-modern homes, and Caribbean estates. Let us know your budget and we will work with you to design and build accordingly! Contact us to discuss.

How long does it take to build a home?

It depends on size, but we can give a good estimate for 3 typical sizes – like 2500sf ~ 6 months, 5000sf ~ 10-12 months, and 7500sf+ 12-15 months

Can you tell me about your Construction Materials and Utilities?

We utilize reinforced concrete for the exterior walls of all of our homes, with wood or metal-framed roofs secured to the concrete walls with hurricane clips. Interior walls are constructed of wood or metal stud framing with drywall. This combines Belizean construction practices to secure against hurricane damage, while utilizing American practices inside with framed-out walls, for easy maintenance/addition of power and plumbing and rapid wall customization. Homes can be raised up our built slab-on-grade, and the primary reason for raising a home is to catch the Caribbean breeze. For power, we connect to the municipal power grid, supplied by BEL. For water, we connect to Sanctuary Belize’s well-pumped water system. For internet/phones, residents utilize BTL, the national telecom company, and for television, you can use BTL, but many bring a receiver from their home in the US or Canada and hook it up to a satellite dish on their property to get the full range of channels.

What kinds of finishes can I choose from?

Here is a list of just some of our suppliers we use for finishes:

Can you give me an idea of Housing Costs?

  • Building costs: ~ Starting at US$125 per square foot (depending on customization)
  • Landscaping: basic package
  • Homeowners Insurance: ~1.5-2% of the value (
  • Basic Utilities
  • Electricity (4,000 sq ft home): US$0.22/KW or US$400/month
  • Water: US$50/month
  • Propane/Gas: US$45/100 lbs
  • Sewer: each lot will have its own septic system
  • Trash:
  • Cost to install a completely off-grid solar system: US$3,000 plus
  • Most common roofing material: aluminum/Spanish tile
  • Products used for flooring/countertops: flooring – travertine tile, ceramic tile, or hardwood flooring; granite or marble counters